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10 fail lies most parents tell their children

10 lies most parents tell their children

1. There is a Santa Claus, but he’ll only visit you if you’re good.

2. This is going to hurt me more than it will hurt you.

3. Mommy and Daddy are taking a nap.

4. If you tell me the truth, you won’t get in trouble.

5. Eating your vegetables will make you grow up big and strong.

6. If you play with your privates too much, they’ll drop off/you’ll go blind.

7. If you keep making that face, your face will stay that way.

8. Mommy and/or Daddy never took illegal drugs/drank underage/had premarital sex.

9. SpongeBob’s not on this week/the TV is broken/our cable is out.

10. The stork brought you to us.

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