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Pot Noodle - Sticky Rib

Wok the Fork? Prepare yourselves for sum-dim different as Pot Noodle pays homage to the Chinese takeaway with a brand new tasty flavour, Mr Chu’s Golden Noodle No7 Sticky Rib - the perfect quick Chinese fix.

That’s right me old China, today the country which has given us chopsticks, Jackie Chan and the Great Wall of China will be celebrated with the launch of a favourite Chinese takeaway. Just four minutes to prepare, and you can experience Nirvana.

Inspired by the daddy of all Chinese dishes, sticky ribs is instant gratification without the mess. The new flavour is a winning combination of noodles in a Chinese style sticky rib flavour seasoning with vegetables and Peking sauce. It’s the ultimate Chinese….and quick! Grahame Walker, Pot Noodlemeister comments, “We’ve had a great time at Noodle towers concocting this Chinese offering, we’re really proud of it, the taste is s-pot on!, Even our tub design has an oriental flavour with our very own Mr Chu, he knows how to create the perfect sticky ribs. And as no Chinese Meal is complete without a fortune cookie, we’ve included a Chinese proverb on each Pot Noodle pack.”

The newest flavour to the range follows the highly successful release of the Doner Kebab Pot Noodle last year.

So when you’re next peckish for some Peking, take a wok to your nearest supermarket to satisfy your oriental hunger, it’s a darn site cheaper than a takeaway. Chopsticks? Give a fork; Mr Chu’s Golden Noodle No.7 Sticky Rib Pot Noodle is as good as a Chinese takeaway, but without the added hassle and in quick time too.

Do good, reap good and very soon you will inherit an empty pot!