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Heineken The Asteroids Galaxy Tour

The Asteroid Galaxy Tour perform their killer track "The Golden Age" on the set of Heineken's spectacular TV ad "The Entrance"

Hot on the heels of their glittering new film, Heineken have released the music video for the Asteroids Galaxy Tour’s hit single, The Golden Age.

The Golden Age is the third single from the Danish pop group, and provides the sizzling backing track to the new Heineken film. The 90-second music video features all the stars from The Entrance, including footage shot behind-the-scenes during the making of the film.

The video drops just in time for New Year’s Eve and its infectious tune will provide the soundtrack for celebrations across the world and well into 2011.

The Entrance was rehearsed and shot over a week in a palace near Barcelona, with more than 100 actors playing a part in the blockbuster. They include Kung Fu Comeback, Heineken Duet and the classic, Big in Wonderland , featuring a couple of basketball players who take their training to the next level.