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Marriage joke

A woman walks up to her husband and says "Honey, give me $100.00. I found a beautiful dress I want, and it's on sale!

The husband, without taking his eyes off the TV, says "I'm not gonna give you $100.00. You have plenty of dresses."

The wife says "We both work and it's not just your money. It's our money. Give me $100.00.

The husband turns off the T.V., stands, and takes off his pants.

"Put these on!" he says.

The wife looks at his huge britches, and says, "I can't wear your pants, and they’re too big." The man, with a satisfied smile, says "That's right...'cause I wear the pants in the family".

The wife takes off her pants and says, "Put these on!!!

The husband says, "I can't get into your pants!"

The wife, with a satisfied smile, says "That's right.... you can't.... and you won't.... until I have that $100.00!!!