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December 11, 2014


December 09, 2014

Calgary's Worst Driver

Calgary's Worst Driver
Beware Calgary: the worst parking ever. The man in green top is the owner of red car. He helped the driver of silver BMW without knowing that she damaged his car before he arrived. She drove away without saying anything.

December 03, 2014

Dog Fetch Fails

These dogs are hilariously awful at catching and fetching...

December 02, 2014

Top Selling Ford Cars in India


With its headquarters at Chennai, the American car giant, Ford Motors Company operates out of India through its fully owned subsidiary Ford India Private Limited since 1995. It is credited with bringing out popular models like Ikon, Figo, Classic, Ecosport, Fiesta and Endeavour respectively. The company caters to the export market in a big way and reaches out to the consumers through a gigantic network of 260 dealerships across the length and breadth of the country. The top five popular Ford cars are as under:

Ford Figo

Available in petrol and diesel fuel options, Ford Figo boasts of 4 diesel and petrol trim models each. The petrol run trims cost Rs.3.9 lakhs to Rs.5.1 lakhs and the diesel ones cost Rs.4.8 lakhs to Rs.6 lakhs (Ex Showroom, Delhi). The petrol powered trim models carry 1196cc 1.2 litres DOHC petrol engines under the hoods. This type of engine also comes mated to a 5 speed manual transmission gearbox. The diesel powered trims on the other hand, carry 1399cc 1.4 litres SOHC Duratorq diesel engines that are further mated to 5 speed manual transmission gearboxes. The mileage accrued by the petrol and diesel run trims comes to 20kmpl and 15.6kmpl respectively.

Ford Classic

This sedan comes in 3 petrol and diesel run trims wherein, LXI, CLXI and Titanium correspond to the basic, mid and top-end variants respectively. Priced between Rs.4.9 lakhs to Rs.6.4 lakhs (Ex Showroom, Delhi), the petrol variants run on a 1.6 litres 1596cc Duratec power train delivering a mileage of 14.6kmpl. Whereas, the diesel variants run on a 1.4 litres 1399cc Duratorq power train delivering a mileage of 19.68kmpl.

Ford Ecosport

This SUV commands a price tag of 7.4 lakhs to Rs.9.7 lakhs for the diesel models and Rs.6.5 lakhs to Rs.9.3 lakhs for the petrol models – both Ex Showroom, Delhi. Blessed with 6 petrol and 4 diesel run trims, the petrol variants run on a 1499cc 1.5 litres power train generating a mileage of 16.15kmpl. However, out of the 6 petrol variants, 2 run on a 1.0 litre 999cc Ecoboost petrol engine delivering a mileage of 18.9kmpl. The diesel variants on the other hand, are powered by a 1.5 litres 1498cc power train delivering 22.7kmpl of mileage.

Ford Fiesta

This premium sedan comes in 3 diesel run trim models carrying a price tag of Rs.7.9 lakhs to Rs.9.4 lakhs (Ex Showroom, Delhi).  The Ford Fiesta Features are quite good. The engine that garners adequate thrust for these vehicles is a 1498cc 1.5 litres TDCI diesel power mill that delivers 23.5kmpl of mileage. The 3 trims are known as Ambiente, Trend and Titanium, denoting the base, mid and top end variants respectively.

Ford Endeavour

This MPV in three diesel trim models attracts a price bracket of Rs.20.3 lakhs to Rs.23.5 lakhs (Ex Showroom, Delhi). Out of the three, two of its engines come mated to automatic transmission gearboxes and the remaining one to a manual one. The AT based vehicles are run by a 3 litres 2953cc power train delivering 11.4kmpl of fuel economy. The MT based vehicle on the other hand, is run by a 2.5 litres 2499cc power train delivering 13.1kmpl of mileage.

November 27, 2014

Passengers are pushing their jet plane in Russia. Because of hard minus - 50 C airplane`s tyres frozen to the ground and people push it to fly

Passengers are pushing their jet plane in Russia. Because of hard minus - 50 C airplane`s tyres frozen to the ground and people push it to fly. Siberia. Krasnoyarsk.

November 21, 2014

Hello from Dubai!

November 13, 2014

Top 10 movie chase scenes

Top 10 movie chase scenes

A good chase scene gets the heart pumping and the adrenaline flowing. There’s no shortage of great chase scenes in movie history, and no shortage of variety either. Here are our Top 10 across the board.